Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection

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The Acrylicon Décor ESD System is a fast cure, hard wearing, ESD/anti-static resin floor. The system also has excellent conductivity values, durability, longevity and exceptional cleanability. The full cure time is 1-2 hours, meaning any downtime is reduced to a minimum. The conductivity, being integral within the system matrix, is therefore assured throughout the life of the floor. 


Designed for use in areas requiring ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection, for example automotive, battery manufacture, pharmaceutical, laboratories, electronics, aviation, explosive environments and other areas where ESD/anti-static flooring is required. 


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Features & Benefits

High compressive strength  - excellent durability and cleanability

1-2 hours cure time - rapid installation and minimum downtime

ESD Protection - Helps to implement and maintain an ESD control programme

Easy maintenance - no special cleaning chemicals required to maintain the ESD properties.

Low emissions - our products are solvent-free and contain very low VOC's

Long lasting - our floors do not degrade or become brittle with use

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