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Acrylicon Decor System


80,000 m²





"Having tried and tested all available floors at our disposal, we found that Acrylicon proved to be the most suitable and therefore still specified Acrylicon even though it was more expensive than the alternatives.


Considering the 80,000 square metre project we were about to initiate, it was of the utmost importance that we received the best floor available, to avoid stoppages and delays in our production at a later stage. Choosing the right product and installation had to be our priority when considering the difficult conditions and the fact that most of the installation had to be done during the wintertime, then Acrylicon Décor system was a natural choice.


We now have a seamless, easy to clean floor, installed on a very tight schedule, which more than fulfils our quality demands.

You cannot "gamble" with an 80.000 square metre floor, you must choose the best product, in spite of the price."


Jari Kangas

Project Manager


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