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Acrylicon commercial kitchen
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Nordland Hospital




Hospital kitchen


Acrylicon Decor System







"The central kitchen in Nordland Hospital supplies food to all the staff and their patients. In April 2010, Acrylicon replaced 850  of floor space. The kitchen was fully operational throughout the project. Acrylicon built a 100 m² tent and carried out the project in 8 operations. Most of the work was done in evening and night shifts.


Today the floor is much easier to clean than the old tile floor, and the noise level in the kitchen is more tolerable, which is very important for the well-being of the 21 employees that work in the kitchen.

AcryliCon was selected on the basis of experiences and references in the field of kitchen flooring. They had the competence to carry out such a complicated project, in which a new floor is laid during a full-time operational kitchen. We now have a floor surface, which is easy to clean, withstand all criteria of cleanliness and hygiene to a kitchen operation, and is used almost daily without any wear."


Uwe Belden

Head of the kitchen department


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