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Noon products Ltd




Food production


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Noon Products Ltd has 3 manufacturing sites (approx. 200,000 ft²) producing some 250,000 – 300,000 meals per day. Covering a variety of cuisines including Asian, Mexican and European dishes, Noon is one of the leading food producers in the retail sector in the country with a focus on high-quality food. 


"Initially Acrylicon was chosen by Noon Products for our second factory build due to its ability for the Microban addition and its fast cure time for use. Epoxy resin or tiled floors had been the norm in every factory I had ever visited, but these did not give me the high cleanability standards over the life of the floor that I demanded. It was important for the staff to have a safe, pleasant working environment and after taking the advice from AcryliCon and using a light coloured heavy non-slip floor, we achieved just that.


Five years later, we have had to do some repairs for wear and tear, but the floor still looks fresh and is as easy to clean today, as it was the day it was laid.  We have been fortunate enough to have completed our latest factory, which is just over 110,000 ft².  This is where I would like to mention the flexibility and efficiency of the guys installing the floor. Time schedules are always tight for any installation, but I can honestly say that I did not hear the Project Manager complain about the installation, and the floor looks fantastic against the stainless steel equipment.


Now all three of our factories have been finished with Acrylicon with Microban flooring, which is physical proof of the satisfaction we feel when comparing it against other alternative floor finishes."


Andrew Niznik
Senior Technical Manager


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