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Albany Medical Center






Acrylicon Flake System


4,650 m²


2011 - 2015


"It is very refreshing to finally have a flooring solution that is easy to clean, hygienic (does not harbor bacteria and viruses) and seamless after my 15 years in the Healthcare and Medical industry. I have been through many flooring options that do not last, cause tripping hazards with seams, are not easy to clean because they are porous and subsequently can harbor and transfer microbes to our staff and patients. Now after 4 years and over 50,000 ft² of Acrylicon flooring, we have addressed all of these issues and are delivering on our high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. To date, we have now used different Acrylicon flooring systems in 35 of our Operating Rooms, NICU, kitchen, central sterile room, bridge connections between buildings, vivarium, cadaver storage and our brain lab.


Since our first installation in September 2011, our Acrylicon floors have withstood high foot traffic, heavy equipment, had no cuts or tearing from instrument impacts, withstood hot and cold spills and demonstrated excellent resistance to cleaning and sterilisation fluids like Betadine. Best of all, it is without the need to continually strip and wax the floor! Due to the unique qualities of Acrylicon and the high level of installation and attention to detail by our Certified Contractor, we have set a new standard for a cleaner and safer environment for our patients and staff.


I, as well as the Albany Medical Centre Facilities & Engineering Department, has been very satisfied with Acrylicon and we are pleased to recommend Acrylicon Flooring Solutions to any other hospital that desires a safer, easier to clean, long lasting and cost effective flooring system."


Emilio Genzano

Assistant Vice President

Engineering & Construction


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