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Acrylicon fish processing
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Brandasund Fiskforedling AS


Fish & seafood processing

Acrylicon Decor System




"The floors at Brandasund Fiskforedling AS where we fillet, freeze and package fresh fish, are constantly wet and are continuously being forced to withstand heavy forklift, trolley, and truck traffic. With our AcryliCon floor, our plant maintenance has been significantly reduced. We no longer have to use expensive detergents and cleaners and our overall maintenance costs are minimal.


AcryliCon has proven to be one of our best decisions. We believe this floor will have a lifespan of 10-20 years. We first used AcryliCon in 1998 and then we covered another 1,400 m² (15,000 ft²) in 2004. It is a perfect solution for us."


John Gustav Lothe

Technical Manager


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