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Acrylicon industrial, Acrylicon wool spinnery
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Wool Spinnery


Acrylicon Variant System







"The Acrylicon floor is smooth and strong and very easily trafficked. The floor area (17,600 m²) was laid simultaneously with the construction of our new building in 1980. I am not sure why Acrylicon was the choice back in 1980, I have only worked for the company since 1997 – but it is obvious that the floor has great wear resistance. The floor will probably last another ten years at least.


The floor withstands heavy truck traffic with heavy steel-framed boxes and is very easy to clean. In our line of business it is mostly leftovers of wool and mainly the cleaning is done with brooms. Our conclusion is very clear, the Acrylicon floor is in perfect shape and lives up to our expectations in respect of quality and functionality."



Sigve Klakegg

Maintenance Manager


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