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Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)




Mechanical Engineering


Acrylicon Decor System







"By using Acrylicon we have laid blue coloured industrial floors in all pedestrian areas and grey in the working areas, for instance where we work under the aircraft. In that way, we have created a 'softer' and more pleasant environment. The light coloured Acrylicon floor under the planes reflects light and provides good working conditions for the mechanics.


We had 15,000 m² of Acrylicon Decor SW installed in 1998, to all our hangar floors. The floor is frequently exposed to heavy impact. The aircraft, which locate in the same position every time, are jacked up in three places. 40 cm of concrete and Acrylicon deals with the impact; heavy loads on limited areas are no problem, we cannot see any signs of wear or cracks.


Painted concrete, which was an alternative, does not meet these requirements and plain steel trowel concrete seemed both too hard and too cold. We wanted the feeling of having a floor covering at the same time as we required a floor that could take the mechanical workshop activities that we do.


Acrylicon is very easy to keep clean. This is important, as the demand in respect of clean surfaces in an aircraft hangar is high. We expect the Acrylicon floor, as we use it today, to have a longevity of 20 - 30 years."


Trond Kristensen
Technical Specialist Buildings


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