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Roxar Flow Measurements AS






Acrylicon Decor System







Roxar Flow Measurements AS is an oil company with locations in Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim.


"Because of the large and sensitive electronic equipment in our facilities, we are extremely focused on making sure our plants are clean and free of dust. We've used other flooring companies but we've always been very disappointed with the constant repairs and re-applying/painting. In August of 2006, we were making upgrades to our facility in Bergen, and we had a visit from an AcryliCon flooring representative. We checked the references he provided and made our own inquiries about AcryliCon. Based on those discussions, we chose AcryliCon as the flooring provider for the renovations. It was a very sound choice. The areas were so easy to clean and maintain and their constant pleasing appearance contributes to a positive working environment. Overall, we are delighted with the results. We just decided to apply AcryliCon to other areas in our new Stavanger plant."


Robert Stavenes
Department Manager


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