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Acrylicon Industrial, Acrylicon paper mill
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Paper Mill


Acrylicon Variant System







The floors of a paper-mill have to cope with heavy loads from forklifts and huge rolls of paper in addition to impacts and chemicals. 


“In the paper industry production works continuously over days and nights, any breaks in the production would mean economic loss. We pay much attention to how we contribute to ensure as little downtime as possible.  Fast curing of the Acrylicon System and hand over of the laid area as soon as possible after the installation, were one of the important things we considered when choosing Acrylicon.  The first Acrylicon Decor floor was installed in our factory in the beginning of 1994, in one of the paper machine halls. We were very satisfied with the floor and decided also to use the same floor in the rest of the factory.  When our canteen needed refurbishment of the floors and when we built our new paper mill hall, and when doing other repair works, Acrylicon has been our choice.  In total, we have installed approximately 8,000 m² of Acrylicon – 5,000 m² of Decor, the rest of light grey Acrylicon Variant System.


Acrylicon has proven to withstand durable mechanical loads, heavy impact and spills of chemicals. The floor is still in the same condition as when it was installed. In addition, we are very satisfied with the aesthetic colours and hygiene – Acrylicon is very easy to clean – and quality in general.


Acrylicon contributes a pleasant and clean working environment all over, especially in the paper machine halls. We trust that the Acrylicon floor will last for many, many years.” 


Paul Murtamo

Construction Manager


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