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Middlesborough FC






Acrylicon Flake System


5,500 m²




Middlesbrough FC Stadium installed the Acrylicon Flake resin system throughout their stadium concourses and walkways in 1995. To date, they have had over 10 million footfall on their floors and have spent little or no money on maintenance.


The floors continue to be resilient, hard-wearing and easy to clean. They also look smart and show no sign of ageing, which is quite unique for a resin floor that is over 20 years old. Entrances have been treated with extra slip resistance for added safety.


"The floors continue to perform as they did from day one, they don't show any signs of ageing and cope with a lot of traffic from the public as well as pallet trucks and scissor lifts."


Darren Kearton

Facilities Department


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