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Acrylicon car parks
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Car Parks


Acrylicon Variant System


6,000 m²




"We chose the floor from Acrylicon due to their reference from a similar parking facility that has floors which were 18-20 year old. When we inspected the parking facility we were very surprised by the quality of AcryliCon. The Acrylicon floor prevents salt and chlorides from penetrating the substrate. We have now had the Acrylicon floor for 7 years, and we are very satisfied with its performance.


Acrylicon have good experience in various projects and provide a good service. We have now entered into a 3-year maintenance agreement. Now and then we have to re-apply some zones due to excessive wear from studded tyres, but due to Acrylicon's properties this is very simple and the coating becomes as new. The short curing time helped us keep the parking garage open during installation. We had approximately 6,000 m² installed, and we expect that it will last at least 15 years."


Knut Haugremning

Operations Manager


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