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Acrylicon warehouse
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Storage & Warehouse


Acrylicon Decor System


9,000 m²


1992 - 1995


"The choice was Acrylicon, based on absolute demands to have a dust-free, easy to clean and wear resistant floor. These are the three main reasons why we chose to have the AcryliCon floor on the main storehouse facilities at NKL. Prior to our decision we spent six months collecting information, requested advice from Byggforsk/SINTEF and the differences between the suppliers were tested.


We wanted to examine the possibility of laying the new floor on top of an old (Flint coat), oil-based floor covering from 1967. The decision was AcryliCon and we laid 9000 m² AcryliCon Decor Floor in 1992 and 1995. Looking back we can only say that this was a very good decision.


AcryliCon performs really well, particularly when laid directly on concrete. We have had some small problems in areas where the old floor underneath had been destroyed but this has been resolved. This is also a great opportunity to honour the AcryliCon installer for very well planned work and excellent service. NKL warehouse stocks daily supplies, fruit and vegetables, chilled and frozen food. On a daily basis, the floor is trafficked by approx. 200 trucks with hard rubber wheels. The floor can handle very rough use, is dust free and the cleanability is satisfactory."


Knut Sundseth,

Maintenance Manager


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