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acrylicon environment, low VOC, non toxic flooring, acrylicon waste management

As a company with a Norwegian ethos at its heart, AcryliCon is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Our commitment to the environment extends to our customers, our staff and the community in which we operate.


For decades we have made flooring systems that are solvent free, low VOC and non-toxic. Most Acrylicon Systems are built with a life expectancy of 20 years or more. If the floor suffers any mechanical damage, it can be easily repaired and quickly refurbished, avoiding unnecessary removal and re-installation, helping to keep the demand on the world's resources as low as possible.


The main components for the construction of an Acrylicon system are mixed together and installed on site. For most installations, there is very little waste, as any residual product can be recycled. Where possible, AcryliCon supplies materials in bulk using recyclable drum containers and canisters.


At AcryliCon even our manufacturing process hardly creates any waste, and when it comes to waste disposal, we go the extra mile to recycle what we do generate. Almost all of the raw materials we use are procured within a close proximity to our production facility.

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