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Product Benefits 

long lasting resin floor, acrylicon floor

St. Olav Hospital in Trondheim.  Green Acrylicon floor installed 1978. 

Grey Acrylicon floor installed 1993.  Photograph taken 2004. 

long lasting resin floor, acrylicon floor

Larsen Fish processing in Norway.  Acrylicon floor installed 1989.

Photograph taken in 2004.

For over 45 years AcryliCon has been supplying high quality, durable industrial flooring to customers in a wide range of industries. Our experience and references in a wide range of environments have enabled us to continually develop the products behind our floor and wall systems and we are proud of the continuous high quality for our customers.

Fast Cure

A full chemical cure is completed between 1-2 hours. While many companies give the drying time, the full cure can often take several days or even weeks. Although a dry floor can be walked on, until it has reached full cure it is not resistant to chemicals - including water. Acrylicon's short cure time means that repairs can be carried out overnight, with the floor being put back into full use just 1-2 hours later. This short cure time enables other trades to follow on much sooner, dramatically reducing downtime or project build time.

AcryliCon has been installing industrial floors since 1977, and since then we have constantly improved our systems and installation techniques. Proof of the special longevity of our floor coatings is that our oldest orders can still be seen. We offer fantastic value for money as many of our customers do little or no maintenance for the first 15 years. As one customer said: "It is realistic to believe in a longevity of 30-40 years".

Long Lasting
Bond Strength

AcryliCon resins are thermoplastics, i.e. they are reactive and form a chemical bond between the individual installation layers. This results in a monolithic system with virtually no risk of delamination. Each new layer (primer, main coat and sealer) chemically fuses with the previous layer, creating an almost indissoluble bond. AcryliCon systems can be easily and quickly repaired in the event of mechanical damage. Our systems can also be applied directly to drainage channels without the need for an expansion joint - often a weak point and cause of future problems.

Our systems have an extremely high compressive strength because of the way the resins are formulated in production, and with 40 years of successful track record, we are confident that our compressive strength does not diminish with time. Some of our oldest references that are 20 or 30 years old show no significant signs of degradation, cracking or brittleness in full service, offering proof that the strength has not deteriorated with age. Acrylicon’s formulation and design ensures our floor systems maintain their physical properties over time, unlike many other resin floor companies in the market that cannot offer references of more than 5-10 years old at best.

Compressive Strength
Hygiene & Environment

EU food hygiene rules apply to all stages of production, processing, distribution and marketing of food intended for human consumption. The regulations state that all floor surfaces must be easy to clean and require the use of impermeable, non-absorbent, washable and non-toxic materials. For decades AcryliCon has been producing floor systems that meet these requirements and are also low in VOCs.

AcryliCon resins are manufactured using the latest technologies and processes with 100% quality control exclusively in our modern production facility in Germany. All installations are carried out by trained and experienced regional installers. This guarantees our quality in production and installation.  Depending on the specification, we offer flooring systems that meet modern safety and comfort standards for indoor air quality certification, food contact, fire resistance, slip resistance and even electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.

Quality Assured
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