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Our History 

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In the middle of the seventies, several studies showed that nearly everybody in manufacturing industries had the same requirements for a good flooring solution: It would have to be hygienic, easy to clean and maintain, nice looking, slip resistant and, of course, it should last for a long time.


On the background of these studies, AcryliCon founder and current CEO Bjørn Hegstad started his research into how to create a resin flooring system which would meet all these requirements. In 1977, after several years of research, development and trials, the Acrylicon Decor System was born. It was created out of a need within the Norwegian food sector, especially the fish industry that required hard wearing floors that stood up to the stresses and strains of processing.


By identifying the best generic properties in the raw materials, he and his team were able to develop a system which combined two important qualities of a flooring solution, fast cure with high compressive strength. AcryliCon began developing further floor systems that not only meet the needs of clients but exceed them.


During the years which have passed since the invention, the company has worked itself into an established manufacturer and installer of industrial flooring solutions. In today's fast-paced world many of the flooring requirements AcryliCon set out to solve remain the same. Therefore, our focus and our mission are still to give the world industrial flooring solutions which will last longer.


Various businesses from local commercial kitchens to multinational soft drink manufacturers experienced first hand the advantages of installing one of our floor systems. AcryliCon was taken internationally in the mid 90's by several multinational clients who wanted the same standard of flooring across all their worldwide facilities. UK, Canadian, American, Egyptian and Middle East offices were set up as a result of this demand. Many have made us their regular supplier of flooring solutions for refurbishing projects or newly constructed facilities.


The creation of our modern production facility in Germany cemented our place on the world stage, providing high-quality research and development laboratories, and an exceptional level of quality control.


AcryliCon has developed to become an international company with many prestigious installations. Today we continue to expand across the world, wherever clients require solutions to their flooring problems.


Invented in Norway...made in Germany...installed worldwide!

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