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AcryliCon Geschichte

In the mid-1970s, several studies showed that almost everyone in the processing industry had the same requirements for a good floor: it should be hygienic, easy to clean and maintain, look good, be slip-resistant and, of course, last a long time. The Norwegian food industry in particular, especially the fish industry, needed hard-wearing floors that could withstand the stresses and strains of processing.


With this research in mind, AcryliCon's founder, Bjørn Hegstad, began searching for a synthetic resin flooring system that would meet all these requirements. After several years of research, development and testing, the Acrylicon Decor system was born in 1977. 


By identifying and combining the best properties of the raw materials, he and his team were able to develop a system that combined two important properties of a floor coating: fast curing and high compressive strength. AcryliCon began developing other flooring systems.

Over the years that have passed since the invention, the company has become an established manufacturer and installer of industrial floor coatings. 


Various companies, from local commercial kitchens to multinational soft drink manufacturers, have experienced the benefits of installing one of our floor systems and have adopted them in other factories internationally.  As a result of this demand, subsidiaries have been established in the UK, Canada, America, Egypt and the Middle East. Many have made us their regular supplier of flooring solutions for renovation projects or newly constructed facilities.

The establishment of our own modern production facility with research and development laboratory in Germany consolidates our place in the market and enables us to maintain 100% quality control of the resins we produce. This is how AcryliCon has developed into an international, expanding company. 


Invented in Norway...manufactured in Germany...installed worldwide!

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