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Our AcryliCon Systems


Our experience makes us strong! AcryliCon has been offering its customers high-quality and durable industrial flooring based on MMA since 45. Due to the many years of close cooperation with our AcryliCon partners and their customers from a wide range of industries, as well as the trained installation teams on site, we are familiar with the problems and requirements, starting with the selection and installation of a new industrial floor and concluding with maintenance and servicing from all angles to 360°. After all, customer orientation and quality as well as the continuous improvement of our performance is the essence of our work.



Under the globally protected AcryliCon brand, you can obtain your new hygienic and durable industrial floor through our regional licence partners, including advice and support throughout the entire project. 


We also take care of your production and logistics!


Since 2014, we have been active for our customers as a resin producer with our own production facility in Germany and produce "Made in Germany" resins for our industrial floors under our own management. This allows us to guarantee and ensure a very high quality standard. 

Our large and modern production plant has sufficient capacity for the forward-looking planning of your national as well as international business. Our extensive supplier network and the bundling of financial and logistical resources offer your business additional added value such as quality, efficiency and reliability.


For more information, please contact us and find out how we can help you to offer your customers high quality resin products under your own label.

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