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More than four decades of experience has taught us that a bakery requires a substantially different flooring solution than a dairy. The properties of a floor in a car showroom pose different challenges to that in a department store. On the other hand, the challenges facing a flooring solution on a railway platform and a football stadium are not altogether dissimilar. We have learned these nuances the hard way – through years of experience and development.


AcryliCon's roots lie in providing solutions for our customers. Finding issues, developing products and solving problems. Over the years, we have expanded both our product range and our locations - never losing the focus what we started with and made us so successful. 

Today, we are still proud to be a true solutions provider for our clients. At AcryliCon, we like to start with the client and analyse their needs, then select a solution from our range of existing products, or research and develop new floor systems when required.    


We then source quality raw materials and manufacture the resins from our modern production facility in Germany. Using our worldwide distribution network, we supply these products directly to our regional licensees, who will help the client specify the correct installation and provide technical advice and support.  


Our fully trained AcryliCon installation teams will then lay the floor to the highest standard, ensuring the client receives the long-term solution they require. This ensures our quality and expertise goes full circle, from the client back round to client.

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