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Acrylicon floor brewery

Breweries and distilleries have a common problem with sugar. Sugar solutions rapidly erode concrete substrates leaving pitted and damaged flooring. Acrylicon floor systems are resistant to sugar solutions and provide a non-porous surface, fully protecting the substrate and keeping the fabric of the building structurally intact. 


Acrylicon Systems are also highly cleanable and resistant to the chemicals commonly used in the industry. We have many clients who, having experienced the benefits of Acrylicon Systems, use us internationally - including Molson Coors, Irish Distillers, Beam Global, Scottish & Newcastle, Hartwall's and many more. 

Suitable Products

Perfectly suited to wet areas & fully resistant to sugar solutions

Aesthetic flooring for visitor areas, walkways & toilets 

Ideal for warehouse and storage areas or packaging rooms

Reference Pictures
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