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Commercial Kitchens

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Acrylicon floor kitchen

AcryliCon has been providing floor solutions for over 40 years and we know that time means money in the catering industry. The short cure time means that installations and repairs can be carried out overnight, with the floor being put back into FULL use just 1-2 hours after installation.


The surface texture of Acrylicon floors can be varied to different degrees of slip resistance depending on the application. Even when wet or greasy, Acrylicon floors still have excellent slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidents.


With the addition of Acrylicon Fibreglass Arming, we are able to lay directly on a multitude of existing substrates including ceramic tiles, wood, and even metal. This layer prevents any localised movement in the substrate from cracking through the topping and compromising the waterproof integrity of the flooring. 

Suitable Products

Hygienic, easy to clean & slip resistant

Aesthetic & suitable for toilets or canteen areas

Hygienic walls that become seamless with the floor

Reference Pictures
Commercial kitchen finland 2 lowres.jpg
kitchen floor high res.png
Kitchen hospital.png
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