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Acrylicon floor healthcare

The healthcare sector demands ultra-high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Acrylicon's range of flooring and wall systems provide the perfect solution. 


All of our systems fully cure in 1-2 hours, so refurbishment of Wards, Theatres, Morgues or Kitchens cause very little disruption.


With clients such as the Montreal Heart Hospital and Cambridge University's Addenbrooke's Hospital, we are trusted by the best. 


Our experience includes Vets, Mortuaries, Doctors Surgeries, Nursing Homes, Research Facilities and anywhere else that requires hygienic, long lasting, good looking and easy to clean flooring. 



Suitable Products

Hygienic flooring for wards, theatres & kitchens

Ideal for corridors, canteens & other trafficked areas

Hygienic walls that are seamless with the floor

Reference Pictures
Montreal heart.jpg
Flake hospital.jpg
Flake Hospital Vestibule Fin USA(1) lowres.jpg
USA hospital lowres.jpg
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