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Composite Terrazzo Systems

The Acrylicon Composite Terrazzo System is a fast cure, long lasting alternative to cementitious and epoxy Terrazzo systems. Highly impervious to liquids and stains, it cures in under 2 hours and can be laid as thin as 8mm. It requires no continual grinding or resealing, providing very low maintenance costs and hassle free ownership. 


The Acrylicon Composite Terrazzo System is 8 mm thick and combines different aggregates within a special resin binder to create a composite terrazzo with great performance and ease of installation. It is laid as a seamless screed with no joints to crack, harbor dirt or allow water into the sub-floor. Patterns and contrasting colors can be simply installed using divider strips. 


The colours shown here are only a small sample of the wide range of colour options available. Different floor areas can have different colours and therefore colour coding for traffic areas is available to improve traffic ergonomics. AcryliCon Floor Systems have shown extreme resistance to ageing and discolouration due to UV attack. 


We have made every effort to make the colours in this gallery match those that will appear on your finished floor. However, due to the nature of viewing this on a display screen, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. To see a true colour sample or to arrange a site visit, please contact your nearest AcryliCon office.

Features & Benefits
Hard wearing.png

Hard wearing - exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasion, impact and fire.

1-2 hours cure time - up to 75% faster installation when compared to epoxy and cementitious Terrazzo systems

Long lasting.png

Long lasting - our floors do hardly degrade, become brittle or porous with use.

Decorative Finish - great aesthetics, UV stable and available in a wide range of colours

Chemical bond/cure - a truly seamless floor with no cold joints 

Low emissions - our products are solvent-free and contain very low VOC's


Non-porous composite surface - excellent resistance to staining and marking

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