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Seamless Resin Floors

The Acrylicon Lacquer System is a fully reactive, low viscosity resin based system that cures rapidly to produce a hard and abrasion resistant surface with good resistance to a variety of chemicals.   


Designed to be used as a sealer on concrete and masonry floors to prevent dusting, abrasion and scratching. It can further protect the substrate against ingress of oil, dirt and grease.


The colours shown here are only a small sample of the wide range of colour options available. Different floor areas can have different colours and therefore colour coding for traffic areas is available to improve traffic ergonomics. AcryliCon Floor Systems have shown extreme resistance to ageing and discolouration due to UV attack. 


We have made every effort to make the colours in this gallery match those that will appear on your finished floor. However, due to the nature of viewing this on a display screen, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. To see a true colour sample or to arrange a site visit, please contact your nearest AcryliCon office.


Features & Benefits

1-2 hours cure time - rapid installation and minimum downtime

Reactive and rapid cure over a wide range of temperatures

Fast track application all year round by Acrylicon trained installers

Chemical bond/cure - a truly seamless floor with no cold joints 

Low emissions - our products are solvent-free and contain very low VOC's

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