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The Pharmaceutical industry requires ultra-hygiene and cleanability. Acrylicon flooring systems are one of the most cleanable types of resin flooring on the market, with comparable results in spiked drug recovery tests to those of Stainless Steel and Teflon. 


With the ability to resist a wide range of chemicals and cleaning methods, provide seamless coved skirting, provide static dissipation, tailored slip resistance and last a long time, Acrylicon really is the solution you have been looking for. With a short cure time of 1-2 hours, we can even carry out installations overnight, with the area back in full use in the morning. 


Our experience within the Pharmaceutical industry includes large blue chip companies, who value the benefits that an Acrylicon Floor System provides. 

Suitable Products

For industrial laboratories, clean rooms & production areas

Ideal for corridors, testing facilities & research laboratories

Suitable for clean rooms, dry production & packaging areas

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