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Acrylicon floor rail platform, acrylicon floor train station

Public spaces, such as stadiums, railway platforms, shopping centres, airports etc, are challenging areas because they require floors that are both extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing. They also need to comply with various standards for disability access, slip resistance and hygiene. Acrylicon Systems can meet all these criteria and have done so for a long time.


Due to the short cure time which is not affected by temperature, we can reduce downtime or closures to a minimum. Plus having the ability to chemically bond, we can also complete areas in small sections, piece by piece, without leaving joints - keeping traffic and personnel moving alongside the working areas.



Suitable Products

A better alternative to tiles, terrazzo & vinyl

For high traffic areas or ramps that require slip resistance

A perfect solution to external areas, walkways & bridges

Reference Pictures
Sports hall 1.jpg
Melhus Kommune.jpg
Ferry Terminal 3.jpg
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