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Car Parks & Outdoor Areas

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The top decks of car parks have always proved a challenge. With a constant attack from the elements, movement of the substrate from loading and temperature changes, floors rarely last more than a few years before delaminating or potholing and becoming impossible to clean.


The Acrylicon Multi Grip System has built-in flexibility to cope with external environments as well as the standard Acrylicon benefits of chemically bonding, making delamination between layers a thing of the past. 


Line marking can also be built into our systems, meaning they do not wear off or require re-coating every year or two. This greatly reduces maintenance costs and helps improve traffic safety. 

Suitable Products

Designed for top decks/areas exposed to the elements

Suited to internal & underground parking levels

Ideal for building up levels, ramps & repairing concrete

Reference Pictures
Multi Grip car park.jpg
Car park house.jpg
Car park solsiden.png
Multi grip cabins Kopie.jpg
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