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Acrylicon meat processing
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Meat processing

Acrylicon Decor System


1994 - 1999


"Earlier we had floors covered with tiles and epoxy. The tiles did not function well, they loosened from the sub floor and cracks occurred which was very unfortunate with respect to cleaning. Epoxy has also given us problems because the epoxy floor loosens from the sub-floor. 


We had 6,000 m² of Acrylicon Decor SW installed from 1994 to 1999. The floor is exposed to heavy wear, truck driving, handling of Bison-pallets with raw meat (500 kg), rolling containers and stets with small hard wheels, much blood infected water and other by-products, daily cleaning with strong cleaning solvents, high-pressure flushing and de-foaming.


We are operating in the food industry and production of meat requires strong demands in respect of hygiene. AcryliCon meets these requirements and is very easy to clean and also the wear resistance is good. AcryliCon was chosen after recommendations within our own group of companies. We also looked at references and floors in other companies within the meat industry."


Per Bjørge Gundersen,

Project Engineer


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