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Acrylicon offshore
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NAD - West Hercules




Oil Platform


Acrylicon Industry System





"After 5 months use of the new Acrylicon flooring, we have only very positive experiences, especially if we compare it to the floors we used earlier. There are several reasons why we are so satisfied with the floor; the floor has very nice aesthetics. The craftsmanship is very good, with good sealing to all walls, and the slopes of the drains are perfect. The anti-slip is very good and leads to relaxed muscles and less tension after a long day at work.


When the slip resistance works as good as it does, you would think that you would need to use more energy and effort to keep the floor clean. Our experience was surprisingly good. We just foam the floor before we lightly scrub and hose down the floor. Water runs nicely into all the drains and there is no longer any water pooling on the floors. This is a very good improvement."


Arvid Reigstad

Camp Manager


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