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Retail environments have changed over the years. Far from simply being shop floors, they are now loading spaces and storage areas, deli counters and bakeries. With Acrylicon, our decorative flooring range is food safe, slip resistant, cleanable, and extremely durable, well able to cope with pallet trucks and forklifts, reducing maintenance costs and disruption. 


Another important factor when choosing a floor in busy retail spaces is sound reduction. Our floor systems reduce the echo of footsteps from busy shoppers and help create a quieter environment.


Our Flake, Decor and Composite Terrazzo Systems are fast cure (1-2 hours) and can be installed in a fraction of the time of other types of resin flooring. Our decorative range comes in a variety of colours, and we can even develop bespoke colours to match your corporate image or specific design requirements. 

Suitable Products

Aesthetic hard wearing floor for sales areas

Hygienic floor for deli, bakery & cold storage areas

Alternative to cementitious and epoxy

Terrazzo Systems

Reference Pictures
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