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Acrylicon floor warehouse

AcryliCon has been coating warehouses ever since the invention of high-level racking.


The key to preventing delamination and cracking is to disperse the load from the forklift wheels evenly over the concrete substrate. Too much spread and the resin could crush, too little and the concrete may crush - causing the surface to delaminate. 


With references able to view of up to 30 years old (the floor in the picture above was laid in 1982) and customers such as Cadbury's, Excel Logistics and Royal Mail, we have the perfect floor system to prevent these common warehouse problems.

Suitable Products

Self-levelling flooring with high impact resistance

A fast cure coating system for concrete floors

For dust proofing concrete with a non-porous surface

Reference Pictures
Goodwin UK2 lowres.jpg
Storage & Warehouse.png
Royal Mail warehouse.jpg
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